What Automotive Brands are Currently Owned by Ford?

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Ford is a buzzword in the motor industry and gained popularity over the years. It is an American multinational car manufacturer that has grown to become a reputed leader in the motor industry.

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Ford – Founded 1903

Ford was founded by Henry Ford in 1903, together with other associate investors. The Ford motor company later incorporated his wife and son, who became sole owners of the company. Later, the Ford Foundation was launched in 1936, and the Ford family remained the company’s sole shareholder.

Who owns Ford? William Clay Ford Jr. chairs the company but is not the owner of Ford. Shareholders own the company, top of the list of investors with the highest shares include;

  • William Clay Ford Jr.
  • Mark Field
  • Joseph R. Hinrichs

Car Brands Owned by Ford Motor Company

What car companies does Ford own? As of 2020, The Ford Motor Company owned three car brands; Ford, Lincoln, and Troller.

  • Ford

Ford is a famous car brand founded by Henry Ford in 1903. It has grown to become one of the leading U.S based auto manufacturers. The company boasts a massive lineup of cars, trucks, SUVs, and different commercial vehicles. 

  • Troller

The Troller was founded by Rogério Farias in 1995 and was acquired by the Ford Company in 2007. It is a renowned Brazilian off-road vehicle manufacturer famous for the Troller T4. 

  • Lincoln

The Lincoln line of cars is named after Abraham Lincoln and is the luxury vehicle division of the Ford Company. Ford acquired this brand shortly after 1922. Lincoln has been manufacturing a wide range of American luxury cars, SUVs, and crossovers. Moreover, the brand is reputed for designing luxury limousines globally.

Car Brands No Longer Owned by Ford

Over the years, Ford sold and suspended some of its Ford-owned companies and subsidiaries. For instance, in 2008, Ford transferred the ownership of Jaguar and the Land Rover to Tata Motors. It also suspended Volvo after being part of the company from 1999 to 2010. Similarly, The Ford Motor Company suspended Mercury in 2011.

Current News of Ford Company to Celebrate

The Ford Motor Company is no longer owned solely by the Ford family. However, we have a bright future, and our new advanced vehicle releases will transform the motor industry. We expect to build over 2 million electric cars by the year 2026. These will feature enhanced fuel consumption, modern designs, and smart technology.


Recently, the Ford Company brought back the Bronco, a reason for celebration for all SUV lovers. The company unveiled the Bronco’s SUVs in July 2020: two- and four-door versions of the off-road SUV and a smaller off-roader-the Bronco Sport.


F-150 all-electric lighting is Ford’s most significant innovation. It has intelligent features and capabilities and ranks as America’s best-selling truck. F-150 boasts F-150 lightning that is potent enough to deliver a targeted 563 horsepower.

 It is a true definition of electrification and offers an exhilarating drive thanks to its unique features. The F-series truck adapts well to rough terrains, thanks to its Ford Tough capability. This innovative truck is all-electric and can even power your home when the grid goes down.

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