Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distracted Driving Awareness Month is an important time to reflect on our driving habits. At Ziems Ford Corners, we want our drivers to maintain their focus on the road and avoid doing anything that could be dangerous.

You may be surprised by the number of things that can distract you from the road! This includes infotainment systems, eating, and grabbing things from the interior of the card. According to the National Security Council, more than 40,000 people were killed on nation’s roadways last year. Distracted driving is to blame for a majority of those deaths. The good news is you can take the step to make these losses 100% preventable.

Ways to Prevent Distracted Driving

Multitasking may feel critical for most because our attention is needed for so many things. But, when behind a motor vehicle, all the focus belongs on the road. You are driving around tons of steel and metal that can turn lethal in a matter of seconds. We have some tips to practice safe driving.

  • Cell Phone: Most smartphones these days come with a do not disturb option.Flip it on before you start driving so you won’t be tempted when you hear your ringtone go off. Moreover, you can also silence your phone, or turn it off. Your messages and phone calls can wait! If it’s extremely important you have to make a call or text someone, safely pull off the road into a parking lot of spot to use your phone.
  • Eating Food: Snacking or having a meal while driving may be easy if you’re short on time. However, this is keeping on hand on the wheel which is not best driving practices. Instead, snack or eat before you start driving, or wait until you’ve reached your final destinations. You can savor the food even more!
  • Drinking Alcohol: Drinking is considered distracted driving because you’re decision making and reaction time are slowed. There is no reason to drink and get behind the wheel. If you know you’re going to be consuming alcohol, ask someone to be the designated driver or call a cab.
  • Infotainment System: Changing music, skimming through applications, and other features included on infotainment monitors are all forms of distracted driving. This is because your eyes are averted from the road. Voice commands can help if your vehicle is equipped with it. You can use the monitor and voice commands only if the vehicle is not in motion (such as at a red light) and is safe.

We hope you’ll remember these tips and apply them to your daily routine. We value our residents and shoppers. Our goal is to encourage all to engage in defensive driving. Please contact us at (888) 375-9581 if you have any questions.


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