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How To Use Adaptive Headlamps on Your Ford

Driving at night, particularly on dark, winding roads can be a nerve-wracking experience. You never know what’s lurking just around the corner. The available adaptive headlamps on your Ford vehicle can help take the fear out of your next night drive. Take a look at how this technology works at our Farmington Ford dealer. Or, see it in action in the video above!

Light Up Your Farmington Drive With Ford Adaptive Headlamps

Designed to activate at speeds above three mph, adaptive headlamps, or adaptive front lighting, is available on several new Ford vehicles for sale at our Farmington lot. They can help light up even the darkest of New Mexico nights. This unique feature utilizes your steering wheel input to track the bends in the road. It adjusts the beams of your headlights accordingly to perfectly suit the layout of the road before you. If the road you’re traveling on has lane markings, the outside headlight will decrease its length while the inside beam will increase its reach. This will further brighten what’s around the corner and give you a crystal clear view of the road ahead.

The available adaptive headlights automatically activate when you start up your Ford vehicle. They can be turned off through the touchscreen or by using the manual headlight control switch if you wish.

No matter how dark or twisted your path may seem, Ford’s available adaptive headlamps mean you never need to wonder about what’s waiting around the corner. Contact us today at Ziems Ford Corners for more information on this helpful feature and to learn which Ford vehicles offer adaptive headlamps.

Ford How-Tos: How To Secure Payload

Life never slows down and when you’re traveling from job site to job site, you’ll want to have a Ford truck on your side that can handle not only the journey but also deliver your precious cargo fully intact. Rugged and dependable, all of the Ford trucks for sale at our Farmington Ford dealer are certainly up for the task and are designed to perfectly suit your towing needs, but you may be wondering how you should secure your payload for the adventure ahead. Allow us to explain!

Before loading anything into your truck, first, locate the anchor points along the inside walls of the truck bed. These points are typically located on both sides of the front and end of the bed but may differ based on your specific model. Next, attach the appropriate heavy-duty ratchet straps to secure down your load and make sure to check for rated capacity. Exceeding the limit or utilizing the wrong straps can spell disaster when turning or braking and could potentially damage your cargo!

Tips for Securing Payload in Your Pickup Truck

When packing your truck bed try to keep the center of gravity as low as possible and balanced from side to side for optimal handling and even tire wear. To ensure this, take care to secure your cargo on at least two sides of the bed and properly flag any overhang from your tailgate, as required by law. In the event you’re planning on hauling a loose load such as logs or pipes, then you’ll want to use netting or a tarp to make sure nothing is blown out of your truck bed. Interested drivers can also shop our Ford parts department in Farmington for truck bed accessories like slides and dividers to help you better separate and organize your load.

Whether half-stocked or fully-loaded, Ford owners should always be mindful of their payload’s weight so they do not exceed capacity. If you’re unsure of your vehicle’s payload capacity, you can consult your owner’s manual or contact the team at Ziems Ford Corners for any questions or concerns about securing your payload!

Ford How-Tos: Ford Flat Tow

From vacations & road trips to camping excursions, motorhomes offer a pleasant way to take in the sights. When it comes time to explore parts unknown, bring your new Ford vehicle along for the ride too. Learn how to flat tow your vehicle below!

Flat towing, also known as recreational towing, allows you to tow a vehicle on all four of its wheels. Perfect because it won’t damage the transmission or gearbox. Flat towing can only be done on four-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles equipped with a two-speed transfer case and four-by-four Low. This includes a number of Ford models in stock at our Farmington Ford dealer.

To flat tow your Ford, first, hitch the vehicle to the tow vehicle, press the brake pedal, and start the engine. Ensure your vehicle is in “H2” mode on the FWD mode selector. Then place the transmission in “neutral”. If your vehicle has a rotary shifter this should prompt a message to display on your ride’s information display. 

Confirm the message and turn the engine off. Next, put the vehicle in accessory mode by turning on the engine without pressing the brake pedal. Once your ride turns on, press and hold the brake pedal to enable neutral tow mode through the information display. Scroll through until you can select neutral tow. Once initialization is complete, you can release the brake pedal and turn the vehicle off to fully enable flat towing.

For more information or to learn which Ford vehicles can be flat towed, get in touch with the team at Ziems Ford Corners. We’d be happy to help you find the right Ford model for your towing needs!

Ford How-To: Rear View Camera

Backing up can be a challenge with so many obstacles and hard-to-see areas. Thankfully, Ford makes it easy to back into tight spaces and avoid obstacles with the rearview camera. A standard with Ford Co-Pilot360™ technology. Available on a number of new Ford vehicles for sale at Ziems Ford Corners. Discover how it works below!

Reverse With Ease In A Ford From Ziems Ford Corners

We could all use more confidence on the road. Although Ford can’t give you eyes in the back of your head, we can make it easier to see what’s behind you. Just check out our rear view camera. Designed to keep you in command, drivers need only shift into reverse on equipped Ford models to active the rear view camera. Once active you’ll receive an image on the center dash display. As you reverse, fixed guidelines show the actual path your vehicle is going in when slowly backing up. While active guidelines show the path you intend your car to go based on your steering wheel position when reversing.

The guidelines are segmented into three colors. Red, yellow, and green, to indicate how near or far an object is from your bumper. Green is shown as the farthest and red the closest. For added assurance, some Ford models have a manual zoom feature. This allows you to get a closer look at an object behind your vehicle. Also available, enhanced parking aids that can indicate which side an object is on and how close it is. Especially helpful when backing up into a tight parking space or parallel parking.

Interested in utilizing this convenient safety feature for yourself? Be sure to contact the team at Ziems Ford Corners for more information on the Ford rear view camera and vehicle availability.