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Ford How-Tos: Ford Flat Tow

From vacations and road trips to weekend getaways and camping excursions, motorhomes or RVs offer a pleasant way to take in the sights throughout your route. When it comes time to explore parts unknown, Farmington drivers might find themselves wanting to bring their new Ford vehicle along for the ride too, which can be done by flat towing. Learn how it works below!

Flat towing, also known as recreational towing, allows you to tow another vehicle on all four of its wheels without damaging the transmission or gearbox. Flat towing can only be done on four-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles equipped with a two-speed transfer case and four-by-four Low, which can be found on a number of Ford models in stock at our Farmington Ford dealer.

To flat tow your Ford, first hitch the vehicle to the main tow vehicle, press the brake pedal, and start the engine. Ensure your vehicle is in “H2” mode on the FWD mode selector and place the transmission in “neutral” model if your vehicle has a rotary shifter – this should prompt a message to display on your ride’s information display. Confirm the message and turn the engine off. Next, put the vehicle in accessory mode by turning on the engine without pressing the brake pedal. Once your ride turns on, press and hold the brake pedal to enable neutral tow mode through the information display and scroll through until you can select neutral tow. Once initialization is complete, you can release the brake pedal and turn the vehicle off one more time to fully enable flat towing.

For more information or to learn which Ford vehicles can be flat towed, get in touch with the team at Ziems Ford Corners. We’d be happy to help you find the right Ford model for your towing needs!

Ford How-To: Rear View Camera

Backing up can be an ordeal with so many hard-to-see areas. Thankfully, Ford makes it easy to back into tight spaces and avoid obstacles with the rear view camera, which comes standard on Ford Co-Pilot360™ technology and is available on a number of new Ford vehicles for sale at our Farmington Ford dealer. Discover how it works below!

Reverse With Ease In A Ford From Ziems Ford Corners

We could all use more confidence on the road and although Ford can’t give you eyes in the back of your head, they can make it easier to see what’s behind you with the rear view camera. Designed to keep you in command, drivers need only to shift into reverse on equipped Ford models to active the rear view camera and receive an image on their center dash display. As you reverse, fixed guidelines direct and show the actual path your vehicle is going in when slowly backing up straight, while active guidelines show the path you intend your car to go based on your steering wheel position when reversing.

The guidelines are segmented into three colors, red, yellow, and green, to indicate how close or far an object is from your bumper, with green being the farthest and red the closest. For added assurance, some Ford models available at our Ford dealer in Farmington have a manual zoom feature that allows you to get a closer look at an object behind your vehicle as well as enhanced park aids that can indicate which side an object is on and how close it is, which is especially helpful when backing up into a tight parking space or parallel parking.

If you’re interested in utilizing this convenient safety feature for yourself, be sure to contact the team at Ziems Ford Corners for more information on the Ford rear view camera and vehicle availability.

Whether traveling along your daily commute or road tripping with friends and family, Ford understands the need to be connected. In order to help keep drivers in the know while on-the-move, Ford offers an optional inductive wireless charging pad that allows you to charge your smart device without plugging it in. Available now on select Ford models at our Aztec area Ford dealer, it’s simple and easy to utilize this smart feature. Allow us to demonstrate!

Get the Most From Your Ford Near Aztec

The available inductive wireless charging pad makes it quick and easy to charge a wide range of electronic devices without plugging them in. Located in the center console of tech-savvy Ford models like the 2019 Ford Edge, drivers near Aztec need only clear any metal or magnetic objects from the charging pad before setting their smartphone on the inductive wireless charging pad face up. The pad will automatically sense the device then display an icon to indicate that charging has begun. It’s that simple!

While not all mobile phones are compatible with the wireless pad, auto shoppers can utilize a manufacturer approved charging sleeve to take advantage of this wire-free technology. One more benefit Ford lovers will appreciate is the ability to maintain a full charge while streaming audio or making phone calls. You can even charge your device without having to turn your vehicle on as long as your Ford is placed in accessory mode. It’s just one more way Ford works to provide convenient, user-friendly technology right at your fingertips.

Get in touch with us at Ziems Ford Corners to learn more about the inductive wireless charging pad or to discover which Ford models off this convenient technology.

Ford How-To: Adaptive Suspension

While the road ahead may be bumpy, Ford has taken steps to help make your drive that much smoother thanks to its Adaptive Suspension system, available on select Ford models at our Farmington Ford dealer. With the goal of improving your vehicle’s driving characteristics, the adaptive suspension, called Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD), is fully automated and works in tandem with the Terrain Management System (TMS) for enhanced vehicle control on a variety of surfaces.

The suspension system utilizes an advanced suite of sensors that scan your vehicle and constantly adjust its suspension in response to changing road conditions to ensure a continuously smooth ride. Drivers can also select a drive mode based on the type of road conditions they might encounter, such as the sport mode, snow/wet, or mud modes, to help keep their Ford vehicle on the right track.

A Smoother Ride For Farmington Drivers

Certain Ford models for sale at our Ford dealer in Farmington take things one step further and include a pothole mitigation system in their standard CCD suspension. By analyzing multiple signals collected from high-resolution sensors, the vehicle’s computer can adjust the dampers to their stiffest setting when the edge of a pothole is detected, preventing the wheel from falling as far into the pothole as it normally would. This provides some protection from the jarring impact typical of potholes and can help lessen costly wheel and tire repairs. While potholes may be unavoidable, Ford’s development of an advanced shock absorber system marks a huge step forward in minimizing their effects.

Feel free to contact us at Ziems Ford Corners to learn more about what features are included in the available adaptive suspension system or to discover which Ford models offer this smart technology.