What to Do When You Get a Powertrain Malfunction Warning

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The powertrain system is the most important mechanical system in a vehicle. It includes the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. This assembly of components thrusts your car into motion. 

So what do you do when the powertrain malfunction warning light turns on? On Ford vehicles, the powertrain warning light is called the wrench light. The wrench light indicates that your car needs service. It’s designed to point out problems within your powertrain, which, if ignored, might lead to the expensive engine, transmission, or drivetrain repairs down the road.

If the wrench light on your Ford pops up on your dashboard, tow your car to an authorized Ford dealer near you for assistance. Ford drivers near Farmington, NM, can reach out to a local team of professional mechanics at Ziems Ford Corners for assistance. 


Let’s Start by Explaining What Is a Powertrain? 

The powertrain is an assembly of every component that propels your car into motion. It includes anything involved in converting the engine’s power into movement, from the engine itself to the rotating wheels. The key components of the powertrain and what most people think of when they hear the term ‘powertrain’ are the engine, transmission, and the driveshaft. 

Any powertrain malfunction usually involves the engine, transmission, or drivetrain, the most important components in your vehicle. These mechanical breakdowns will cause your car’s powertrain warning light to come on. 


What Causes the Powertrain Light to Come On?

Are you a worried Ford driver because you saw the little wrench light comes up on your dashboard? This light usually indicates that something is wrong. It could be a minor issue, but these tend to get worse if ignored. The powertrain light can come up on your dashboard due to several issues, including:

  • Throttle issues
  • Transmission issues
  • Engine problems
  • Battery issue
  • Problems with the carburetor 
  • Perhaps all you need is an oil change. 

Can You Drive with The Powertrain Light On?

In most cases, the powertrain light coming on means something is wrong with the vehicle. It’s best not to drive your car with the wrench light on. Have your vehicle towed to a professional mechanic for service instead.  

What happens when you continue to drive with the Ford wrench light on? Driving your car in this condition will only cause further damage to the engine or some other part of the powertrain over time. If there are changes in your vehicle’s performance, such as engine shaking, sputtering, or lacking power, immediately take your car to a professional for an inspection. 


How Serious Is a Powertrain Malfunction?

Powertrain malfunctions can be quite serious. However, the wrench light on your Ford coming on doesn’t necessarily mean that something is severely wrong. The powertrain light is meant to let you know that something is not working properly. It could be something with your engine or transmission or something minor.

Sometimes turning the engine off and leaving it to cool down for a while can fix the problem. If the wrench light stays on, it’s probably indicating a problem with the engine or transmission, and it’s time to tow your car to a professional mechanic for diagnosis. 


Time to See A Professional Mechanic? Call Ziems Ford Corners for Service

The wrench light is usually an indicator of something wrong with your car. If the wrench symbol on your Ford vehicle pops up on the dashboard, your best action is to tow it Ziems Ford Corners for service. Call Ziems Ford Corners for service near Farmington, NM. 


Image Credit: Tomasz Warszewski / Shutterstock


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