What Drives You

Everyone has a “why” in their life: why someone gets up every day, why they go to this particular job, why they participate in a certain interest or hobby. At our Ford dealership, we want to learn all of our customer’s purposes and their “why?” Our why is to always deliver fantastic Ford vehicles near Aztec so we can assist our clients in reaching their goals and satisfying their ambitions.

We understand why someone needs a Ford F-150 for their job, or someone chooses a Ford Explorer to provide a ride for their large family. It’s all about you when you buy a car and we want to highlight that. At Ziems Ford Corners near Aztec, a new initiative is finding out “What Drives You?”

Crane Cattle Company

Crane Cattle Company is a company that buys and herds cows. They have been in the industry for over ten years and are located right in Aztec. Each cow is carefully selected with advice and assistance from respected people in the industry. They are known for their award-winning cows with class winners from 2015 San Juan County Fair and other various county fairs.

They decided to come to Ziems Ford Corners to assist them in their business. In order to tow their cattle and goods, they depended on the Ford F-350 Super Duty® and Ford F-250 Super Duty®. For their own personal use, the Crane family choose the Ford Explorer! With the tough job they have, the daily use of the Super Duty® collection has made their tasks easier.

Fishtail Ranch

Fishtail Ranch specializes in Fair Chase Hunts for Free Ranging Elk. they offer private land hunts as well as public land. This company uses the F-Series and only trusted this Farmington Ford dealership to provide the right models to control the grounds and provide Summer Trail Rides.

This company also depends on the Ford Superduty to handle the horses! Fishtail Ranch provides horse rides for customers and these pickups make it easier to transport the horses when needed. Additionally, our Ford F-Series can handle the heavy payloads so it can support carrying equipment. On the road or on the muddy terrain, these pickups will excel. If you own a business in Farmington that depends on the heavy towing and need the 4×4 for the toughest conditions, check our Ford truck inventory.

This is what drives Fishtail Ranch. Now, what drives you? Contact us at (505) 325-1961 to learn more about our inventory.

Tell us your story, what drives you? To schedule a test drive or ask any questions, please contact us at 505-325-1961.


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