Trunk or Treating Decorating Ideas For Your Ford F-150

Trunk or Treating Truck Bed Ideas For Your Ford F-150

Halloween will be here before you know it! This is the time of year to go all out! From decorations, costumes, candy, and everything in between, you need to design it to be the best. The decorations do not have to stop at your house. With your Ford F-150, you can design your truck to be the favorite of all the trunk-or-treaters near Aztec! We have some interesting designs you can utilize. In addition, Ziems Ford will provide general tips to ensure your fellow trunk-or-treat neighbors will be jealous!


Show the kids the right path for delicious sweets! You can style your truck to look like the path to either Princess Lolly or King Kandy.

Tiles: You will need poster paper of bright blue, green, orange, and yellow. Outline them with white masking tape and place them on the ground leading up to your F-150.

Candy Land poster: This can be easily done by getting massive poster paper (maybe more than one depending on availability at the store) and carefully draw the “Candy Land” title on the top. You can purchase balloons, inflate them slightly, and place along the bottom using scotch tape.
Bed of the truck: If you like the Hershey bars idea, you can do this by getting Hershey bar pillows or pillowcases. The M&Ms can be made easily with colored poster board and painting the signature “m” on them! Don’t forget to find a rainbow blanket to lay on the bed and place the candy on.
Extras: You can also add balloons, colored buckets, and have bags of candy waiting for the children.

Vampire Teeth Trunk

Beware! This vampire truck is coming thirsty! Will you dare stop at this trunk?
Vampire teeth: This project will require a few poster boards so you can cut out the teeth. Make sure you create four teeth to resemble the fangs. You can use duct tape to mount them to the bed’s cover and floor. Either paint or color in red to signify the truck already had a snack earlier!

Extras: Feel free to dress up as the truck’s victim with bite marks on your neck. You can also add a sign on the tailgate saying clever Halloween sayings like “I’d turn back if I were you!” or “come at your own risk.”

Hay Field

If you want to incorporate a family friendly truck, our Aztec area Ford dealership recommends making it a hay field! Fill it with pumpkins, scarecrows, and of course, treats!
Hay: The best method is to buy a few haystacks and then scatter hay at the bottom. If your F-150 comes with a toolbox, it can be used as an surfact to place the pumpkins or any statues you wish to place on there. Feel free to lay down scarecrows using pumpkin heads too.

Extras: Make this your own unique design by placing corn stacks on the sides, lighting fixtures on the bottom, straw hat, and anything else you want to add to your hay field!

General Tips About Trunk-or-Treating With Your Ford Near Aztec

Besides from making your F-150 look aesthetically appealing, make sure you:

  • Have music
  • Bring some games
  • Did we mention bring CANDY?
  • Pick a theme
  • Have fun!

We at Ziems Ford Corners look forward to seeing what you create! To start the project, you’ll need a Ford F-150. Contact us at (888) 375-9581 and we’ll help you begin your journey to having the best trunk-or-treat year ever!


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