Tips Driving Through Inclement Weather in Farmington

Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

New Mexico maintains it sunny disposition 90% of the time. However, the other 10%, it includes rain, snow, and everything in between! Our Ford models are built for the road ahead in Farmington. It doesn’t mean that drivers shouldn’t be practicing safe driving habits when the weather is not the best! We have some recommendations on how to perfect your driving skills when the roads get a bit slippery or uneasy!

Rainy Weather Considerations

  • Slow down by at least 5 or 10 miles an hour: Going slower will prevent the car from hydroplaning. If you feel the car hydroplaning, do not panic and just slow down until it feels normal again. Do not slam on the brakes!
  • Avoid driving through flooded areas: It can be hard to detect how deep the water is. Furthermore, water can get sucked into the air intake valve, then proceeds to the engine, which will shut your Ford off. When it’s raining, avoid areas prone to flooding. If you are approaching one, find a road to turn down, or pull off to the side until it is safe to turn around.

It’s Snowing Outside!

  • Slow down: If you’re going fast on the roads while it’s snowing, you are asking for trouble! Take your time, be cautious, and aware of your surroundings. You should drop your speed down at least 10 miles from the speed limit.
  • Avoid tailgating: When you’re on the highway, leave about 100 yards between you and the car ahead of you in case the car brakes suddenly.
  • Don’t brake during a turn: Doing this will encourage your Ford to spin out. Go at a low speed and gradually turn. If your foot is on the brake, your wheels stop moving which causes the car to lose control.
  • Beware of black ice: If the temperature starts setting below 32 degrees, keep an eye on those slick roads. If the road is reflective at night, then you’re about to cross over black ice. Drive very carefully and slowly over it.
  • Turn into a skid: In this situation, it’s imperative you remain calm. Fight the instinct to place your foot on the brake and let the car slide to the left. You’ll gently turn the wheel to the left, which will cancel out the skid. This applies to the car turning to the right as well. If that fails, safely leave the road and drive the car into a snow bank.
  • Consider snow tires: For better traction in Farmington, our Ford tire store has snow tires ready to guide you through the hazardous weather.

Cruising Through The Fog

  • Turn on the fog lights: Simply flip on this switch which allows the yellow lights to cut through better than the white ones.
  • Pump the brakes before entering a fog bank: This is more for the car behind you. This will alert the driver behind you to back off and give you some space. Applying these brakes during the fog bank could open the chance to getting hit from behind.
  • Slow down before a hill: When climbing a hill, slow down in case there is someone crossing or a vehicle has stopped there.

fog driving

In the event you experience car trouble, just find a place to safely pull over from traffic and don’t wander away from your car. Moreover, if you need to gain some traction on the road, you can also use your floor mats in a pinch! Just make sure your Ford is ready for the winter ahead. Contact us at (888) 375-9581 to get your vehicle serviced.


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