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Summer has arrived and that means it is time to hit the open road in a new or used Ford from Ziems Ford Corners. After enduring a year of lockdowns and closures, it’s finally time to burn some pavement. Just in case your memory is a little rusty on what to pack, here’s our list of Summer road trip essentials. Get packing! It’s time to make some new memories!

The Non-Negotiables:

These are items you should never drive without, but we’re listing them just to make sure you don’t accidentally remove them to make space!

  • Your driver’s license, registration and insurance. Three key things you don’t want to be without on the road.
  • Your car’s user manual. Take it along so you can reference it in case you need to do some emergency car maintenance or repairs.
  • A spare car key. No one wants to add the expense of a locksmith to their vacation!
  • The spare tire. Along with this, don’t forget the jack and any tools you’ll need to change a flat.
  • Electronic toll pass. If you’ll be traveling toll roads on your journey an electronic pass will save you time and money.

Safety Supplies

These items will help to keep you and your passengers safe on the journey. Be sure you don’t skip anything on this portion of the list. 

  • Hands-free phone mount. Holding your phone while you drive is not only dangerous, it is also illegal in many states. A phone mount keeps you hands-free and safe. 
  • Quart of oil and a jug of coolant or water. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Wiper fluid. Refill your wiper fluid tank before you leave, but bring along some extra fluid, just in case.
  • Portable gas container. A portable container gives you peace of mind in case you miscalculate mileage.
  • Emergency car kit. Don’t get caught without essentials like jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, and more. You can DIY or buy a kit for roadside safety. 
  • First aid kit. Buy a premade one at your local store, or assemble your own following Red Cross guidelines.
  • Flashlight. You never know when car trouble will strike, or when you or a family member might drop something important into the deepest, darkest orifices of the car interior.
  • Emergency credit card. If you need to make a big purchase or pay an expensive bill, you’ll be prepared without immediately draining your bank account.

Interior Necessities

  • Car phone charger. Be sure you bring along a cable compatible with all your devices.
  • A garbage bag. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; a spare grocery sack works well to collect trash in the car so you can throw it away at the end of your driving day.
  • Roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. You never know what you may find at rest stops and roadside stations. 
  • Cleaning supplies. Baby wipes, tissues and napkins. You can never be too prepared for messes and easy clean-up.
  • A cooler. Pack plenty of drinks and snacks to minimize the number of stops you need to make and save money.
  • Travel pillow and a throw blanket. A must for any passengers who may like to nap on the ride.

Before You Hit the Road

That’s a whole lot to carry and we haven’t even talked about passengers! If your current vehicle is falling short on long journeys, stop by Ziems Ford Corners to view our selection of new and pre-owned Ford’s. We have just the vehicle you need to fit the whole family in style.