How To Protect Your Car’s Paint

How To Protect Your Car’s Paint

Tips on How To Protect Your Car’s Paint

A car is a major investment and as such it’s important to do all you can to ensure it runs as long as possible and will hold its resale value. While proper maintenance is a huge factor, keep up with your car’s appearance is just as important. Our Ford dealer serving Bloomfield has plenty of tips to help you keep your car’s paint looking fresh for many years to come.

Wash Often

Your car accumulates a lot of dust, dirt, and road grime from daily driving so it’s important to wash your car regularly and properly. Regardless of if you visit a car wash or do it yourself, always use an automotive sponge and soap with special detergent designed for cars. Common household soaps can break down the clear coat, and stiff brushes can scratch and scuff your car’s paint.

Regularly Wax Your Car

On top of regular car washes, waxing helps shield your car from damage and seals the top coat of your car’s paint. It can also protect your car’s paint job from the sun’s rays during the summer, and can shield against harsh weather in the winter. Most experts recommend having your car waxed two-times a year; once in the spring and again just before winter.

Quickly Clear Bird Droppings

Bird droppings and other kinds of animal excrement aren’t just annoying, they’re highly corrosive. The longer it sits on your car, the more it can damage your car’s paint, even if it has a special clear-coat paint finish. Parking in enclosed areas and away from trees can help you avoid droppings, but it you notice them it’s best to remove them immediately as these droppings are easier to get rid of when they’re fresh.

Touch Up the Paint

Sometimes a scratch is still visible even after a wash and wax; that’s where touch up supplies like paint pens and spray cans can help. It’s always best to leave it to the experts at our Bloomfield area Ford service center, but if you can’t wait, you can obtain the correct color code for your car’s paint job from your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) or by contacting your car dealer.

Neglecting Maintenance

While it may seem obvious, failure to provide regular care is the most common error that car owners make. If you look after your car properly, your car’s paint will be more resistant to the elements and you can avoid expensive repairs like touch ups.
By following these simple tips, you can help protect your car’s paint and maintain your vehicle’s flawless appearance. If you need help from the experts, however, feel free to contact us at Ziems Ford Corners to learn more about the kinds of automotive repair services we offer.


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