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Whether traveling along your daily commute or road tripping with friends and family, Ford understands the need to be connected. In order to keep drivers in the know while on-the-move, Ford offers an optional Inductive Wireless Charging pad. The pad allows you to charge your smart device without plugging it in. Available now on select Ford models at Ziems Ford Corners. It’s simple and easy to utilize this smart feature. Allow us to demonstrate!

Ford Inductive Wireless Charging Pad

The available inductive wireless charging pad makes it quick and easy to charge your devices without plugging them in. The pad is located in the center console of tech-savvy Ford models like the 2019 Ford Edge. To use it simply clear any metal or magnetic objects from the charging pad. Then set your smartphone on the wireless charging pad face up. The pad will automatically sense the device then display an icon to indicate that charging has begun. It’s that simple!

Not all mobile phones are compatible with the wireless pad. But, you can utilize a manufacturer-approved charging sleeve to take advantage of this technology. Another benefit Ford owners will appreciate is the ability to maintain a full charge while streaming or making phone calls. You can even charge your device without having to turn your vehicle. Simply place your Ford in accessory mode. It’s just one more way Ford works to provide convenient, user-friendly technology right at your fingertips.




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