Flat Towing Guide

From vacations & road trips to camping excursions, motorhomes offer a pleasant way to take in the sights. When it comes time to explore parts unknown, bring your new Ford vehicle along for the ride too. Learn how to flat tow your vehicle below!


Flat towing, also known as recreational towing, allows you to tow a vehicle on all four of its wheels. Perfect because it won’t damage the transmission or gearbox. Flat towing can only be done on four-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles equipped with a two-speed transfer case and four-by-four Low. This includes a number of Ford models in stock at our Farmington Ford dealer.

Rv Flat Towing A Ford Vehicle1
Ford Vehicle Information Display

To flat tow your Ford, first, hitch the vehicle to the tow vehicle, press the brake pedal, and start the engine. Ensure your vehicle is in “H2” mode on the FWD mode selector. Then place the transmission in “neutral”. If your vehicle has a rotary shifter this should prompt a message to display on your ride’s information display. 

Confirm the message and turn the engine off. Next, put the vehicle in accessory mode by turning on the engine without pressing the brake pedal. Once your ride turns on, press and hold the brake pedal to enable neutral tow mode through the information display. Scroll through until you can select neutral tow. Once initialization is complete, you can release the brake pedal and turn the vehicle off to fully enable flat towing.

For more information or to learn which Ford vehicles can be flat towed, get in touch with the team at Ziems Ford Corners. We’d be happy to help you find the right Ford model for your towing needs!

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