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Carfather Logo for behind the scenes blog

By now, you’ve likely been introduced to the sensation that is Ziems Ford Corners Carfather. 

But, in case you missed it, you can find the trailer here, part one here, and keep an eye on our Facebook page to see part two and part three in the near future. The making of The Carfather was a passion project of our very own Mike Ziems so today we wanted to take a look at the man behind the myth and go behind the scenes with Mr. Ziems, aka The Carfather. 

Why the Carfather? 

When we asked Mike why he chose the Godfather parody to promote Ziems he said “I’ve always been a fan of The Godfather movies. I liked the idea of incorporating the theme and tone of that movie into a car commercial.” But, he didn’t want to just make a commercial, his vision was to create something far more cinematic. “I like to be different. Car dealership commercials all use the same recipe” he said. In the end, we have to agree that the Carfather project is far more interesting than any commercial before it!

In What Ways Are You Like the Carfather?

Next on our list of questions was to find out if Mike himself was anything like the signature mobster. To our question, he replied, “He (the Godfather) values family and friendship, values  that are aligned with taking care of people and helping to make things better for the people you have in your life, I see myself in that.” So we’ll go with a heart of gold there, candidly Mike continues with “ I think we have different definitions of what the right thing is. I don’t believe in concrete shoes or sleeping with fish. I do like the support and loyalty of a family and friendship but without the bad stuff, the ruthlessness.”

Favorite One-Liner?

The obligatory question for any actor came next, we asked: Without giving anything away, what was your favorite line of dialogue from the project? Without hesitation, Mike replied, “Take the Keys, Leave the Cannoli.” a line from Part ???

Can We Expect a Career Change?

After the huge success of the Carfather Production, we just had to know, did the acting bug bite Mike? We asked the car industry expert, Have you ever considered changing your career from auto dealer to actor? ” And luckily for the Farmington area, he replied with, “Not so much.” Followed by “I really enjoy the production experience, it’s fun to see how the actor steps into a scene. But Ziems Ford Corners is my true passion.”

Favorite Part of the Project?

Mike was involved in nearly every aspect of the Carfather project so the next thing on our list was to find out what part of production he enjoyed the most, and from the sounds of it the whole project was fun, but he started by saying “Being on the different locations and seeing the sets that were created.”  According to Mike, the next thing on his list of favorites was the filming location for Part ?????, The Bookcase and Barber. A speakeasy in downtown Durango that offers upscale grooming as well as a prohibition-era style secret speakeasy hidden behind, you guessed it, a bookcase.  He said he also enjoyed signing the first still from filming and watching the cinematic view come to life. 

Because We Had to Ask…

Another essential question for almost anyone really is, what actor would you like to play yourself if your life was made into a biopic. Without pause, our pragmatic leader replied “Christopher Walken.” Not sure about you, but that’s a film we would watch!  

Does the Carfather Have Any Advice for Car Shoppers? 

When we asked for the Carfather’s car buying advice, we got this pearl of wisdom, “Friendship Is Everything.” A truer statement may never have been spoken, after all “ when you’re buying a car you really need to know the (sales) person has your back. You want them to treat you like a friend”  Well Mike, we couldn’t agree more and that’s what you’ll find when you buy or sell a car with The Carfather at Ziems Ford Corners. Stop by and see us today, we’ll be happy to “take care of you.”


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