Ford How-To: Adaptive Suspension

While the road ahead may be bumpy, Ford has taken steps to help make your drive that smoother. That’s thanks to its Adaptive Suspension system. Available on select Ford models at Ziems Ford Corners. It’s called Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD). It’s fully automated, and its goal is improving your vehicle’s driving characteristics. The adaptive suspension works in tandem with the Terrain Management System (TMS). Combined they offer enhanced vehicle control on a variety of surfaces.

The suspension system utilizes an advanced suite of sensors. Each working to scan your vehicle. Constantly adjusting the suspension in response to changing road conditions. A unique way to ensure a continuously smooth ride. Drivers can also select a drive mode based on the type of road conditions they might encounter. Select from sport mode, snow/wet, or mud modes, to help keep your Ford vehicle on the right track.
Ford Fusion Drive Mode Selector
Ford Pothole Detection System
Adaptive Suspension

A Smoother Ride For Farmington Drivers

Certain Ford models available at our Ziems Ford Corners take things one step further. They Offer a pothole mitigation system in their standard CCD suspension. With this system, your vehicle analyzes multiple signals collected from high-resolution sensors. Then the vehicle’s computer adjusts the dampers when the edge of a pothole is detected. This helps prevent the wheel from falling as far into the pothole as it normally would. The system provides some protection from the jarring impact typical of potholes. It can even help lessen costly wheel and tire repairs. Potholes are unavoidable. But, Ford’s development of an advanced shock absorber system marks a huge step forward in minimizing their effects.

Contact Ziems Ford Corners to learn more about what features are included in the available adaptive suspension system. Or to discover which Ford models offer this smart technology.

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